Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Affordable Movers Determine the Pricing?

Affordable Movers bases your estimate on a matrix which incorporates several different factors to arrive at your final price. There are several things which will affect your price quote; this includes the weight or volume of your possessions, the distance being moved, and the specified timeframe.

Additional services are also being charged, which implies any use of such will have an impact on the price and will increase it. This calls for special considerations for fragile, valuable or bulky stuffs, additional mileage and any moving or storage materials that you might want.

When I Should Plan?

Planning for your move with Affordable Movers is never too early. 6 to 8 weeks before the day you will be relocating should be adequate enough for you to have every little thing completely ready and prepared. Absolutely, when you provide yourself longer time for this situation, you'll encounter much less hassle.

Are There Any Stuffs That Affordable Movers Won't move?

Sad to say, there are items that the Affordable Movers can't move, lawfully or otherwise. Some stuffs are being pointed out such as plants, pets, combustibles, weapons, perishables, poisons, and contents under pressure. Also covered are bleach, charcoal, and motor oil.

Are Valuables, Antiques, and High Value Stuffs Can be Transported by Affordable Movers?

Definitely, transporting precious stuffs, antiques, and rare ones are the primary reason why many people want to avail services of a professional moving company just like Affordable Movers. Have this in mind, moving all your prized things by yourself won't only give you a hard time but it will also give you troubles if you incur damage to it while moving.

If you employ Affordable Movers, you won't only free yourself from the trouble, but it would also guarantee that your items are in great hands particularly when it is being covered by an insurance policy. You can also follow the progress of the move by keeping track of its status with the use of the satellite tracking technology that Affordable Movers has.

Does Affordable Movers Also Transport Appliances?

Yes, nevertheless appliances should be serviced, cleaned out and turned off before loading. If you are seeking some expert help to move your appliances, Affordable Movers can definitely help you in that situation by sending their technicians in your household.

Do I Still Need to Tip the Competent Movers?

Although you aren't required it might be excellent for you to give the moving pros a tip, you should also offer them food and drinks for their travel. Simply provide them foods and drinks that you've got, nothing fancy. The tip given is typically to for every mover and the total tip should be given to the supervisor when they have many movers.

Is My Presence Needed on the Day of the Move?

We do demand that you or a representative be present throughout the packing process. This way, Affordable Movers will not have a difficult time informing you the progress the movers are making. Somebody who can generate any decisions and can make answers in some queries will definitely aid our movers.

You can give us a call if you want several free phone consultation or you can fill out the quote form in order for you get started in your move. You would never be sorry for doing so.

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